Campus Environment

The vast site overlooking the sea of emerald green and blooming tropical people with emotions full of colorful flowers is to heal the weary head preeminent environment.

On campus, such as a large swimming pool and various sports facilities, you can refresh and equipped with full facilities. Aside from staying for learning English, RPC campus environment can provide a relaxation for both physical and mental stability.

Friendly and Qualified Teachers

RPC ESL Center has lots of friendly and qualified instructors who are staying in the campus dormitory. With this, it can also promote a better communication for the students. To learn a new language effectively, it is important to practice every learning in actual application.

Through practicing English communication in the 24-hour English pickled environment, it is possible to learn English naturally. Cross-cultural exchange, activities, sports and various scenes, can promote and developed through applying onto its English environment.

Basic Elementary Education and High School

The RPC Campus has a hostel and international school that caters the needs of Basic Elementary Education and High School. It is also an environment that can be fun and interact with local students.

There is also a joint event with the students of the International School; students can learn a valuable experience through international exchange. If high school students or less, it is also possible to participate in the class of the International School (surcharge). In addition, RPC safeguards a 24 hour on duty security guards that provides the safety of every individuals coming from the campus.